Our Services

What makes Dynaplast UNIQUE are the services.

  • Dynaplast is the pioneer leader in Malaysia to establish a Research and Development team for colour P.E.T. bottles.
  • Dynaplast also custom-make its mould and therefore, making it convenient for customers to request for P.E.T. bottles according to its needs and specifications.
  • Dynaplast also custom-make the colours of the bottles, giving customers the chance to choose from four categories: transparent, translucent, opaque and special effects like gold dust and pearlised bottles.
  • Most importantly, Dynaplast provides 3 distinct VALUE-ADDED services which help ease production processes and save time and hassle to meet customer requirements.

PET Bottle Manufacturing Process

Dynaplast ensures all its manufacturing process adheres to the strictest guidlines of ISO 9001:2008 or benchmark of the industry. From the raw materials to the final products, every stage of production is meticulously scrutinized and operates in synergy to ensure zero defect, high quality products and on-schedule delivery.

P.E.T. Preforms

Dynaplast also produce custom-made P.E.T. preforms which make it easier to expand a bottle-making business. They are injection moulded and sold according to customer requirements of any size, colour and weight. With much capability in place, Dynaplast is able to produce preform for its own use. With understanding about the market needs for standard bottles, the company also has many types of preforms that can suit most cosmetic and toiletries bottles.

Mould Fabrication

Dynaplast has its own Research & Development team who will design the bottle and fabricate the mould to produce P.E.T. bottles. By having this in-house team, it integrates and streamlines the production process under a roof and thus, help save maintenance costs and no third party costs involved.

P.E.T. Bottles

P.E.T. stands for polyethylene terephthalate. It is a plastic resin and most common type of polyster. It is labeled with the #1 code and beverages, food items and consumer products are delivered in P.E.T. bottles and packages. P.E.T. is safe, strong, transparent and versatile.. Consumers choose it for its safety, light weight, reliability, shatter-resistance and recyclability.

At Dynaplast, we specialise in P.E.T. bottles, the most widely used plastic bottle type in the market. we produce high quality blow moulded bottles and provide lightweight and custom-made bottles in any colour, weight, size and amount. Just ask for it and we will produce it!

Bottles Caps

Plastic caps are used for sealing of bottles and it is typically colourfully decorated with the logo of the brand of beverage. At Dyanaplast, we produce plastic caps together with the bottles. Each cap is meticulously checked in-house and delivered according to schedule. Production of bottle caps has been profitable as we produce and market it in millions every month especially mineral water bottle caps.

Labeling & Packaging Process

Printing on bottle

Silk-screen printing is carried out by Screen Fully-Auto and Semi-Auto Printing Machines.

Shrink wrapping

It undergoes strict control as it is supported by 2 units of Shrink Tunnel Machines.


To ensure brand is featured prominently and correctly.


Lastly, all bottles are packed into P E bag carton and carton tray before delivering to customers.

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