About Dynaplast

Dynaplast is derived from the words, “Dynamic” and “Plastic”. True to its name, Dynaplast is as dynamic as its name with a vision to carve a solid niche in the P.E.T. bottles market. The company was established by Mr Choo Hong Eng, a far-sighted entrepreneur who holds a far-sighted vision to steer the company to towering heights. Bringing along over 40 years of experience in plastic moulding fabrication, Mr Choo made history by being the first Malaysian to design, fabricate and produce his own preforms and bottle moulds. His business dynamism and acumen became an inspiration to others especially his daughter, Miss Yirin Choo Pei Yin who works hand in hand with him and takes charge of the sales and marketing division. As the saying goes, “Two heads are better than one”, this entrepreneuring spirit has boosted the morale and discipline of the staff and inspires their work attitude, as well as brought greater confidence of the clients as well.

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Vision & Mission

We envisage to be one of the leading independent P.E.T. bottle manufacturers in Malaysia and the world. To achieve this, we set to aim high, charting our company on the Second Board in Bursa Malaysia first and creating value and superior returns on investment.

We are always committed to customer satisfaction. Customer is our No.1 care.

We strive to ensure people, our most valued asset is always well taken care of.

We Ensure, we dont just meet our customers's expectation but exceeding them with high quality products and values-added services

We always stay focused, infused with a passion to excel and will not be complacent in our achievement

We care for the environment and leave no stones unturned in ensuring a clean and sustainable environment for all.

We think, work and operate "out-of-the-box"

Core Values

In our pursuit to be a Global Brand,
We are driven by our core value of<


Fulfill customer needs
Love the environment
Improve continuously
Pursue global market

Awards & recognition

We believe awards & recognition will help boost our people and the way we work. we have received the Quality Systems ISO 9001:2008 certification and hence, it proves our stringent quality control and manufacturing processes.