Pioneer leader

Dynaplast is the pioneer leader in Malaysia to establish a Research and Development team for colour P.E.T. bottles.

Custom make

Dynaplast also custom-make mold and colors, for P.E.T. bottles according to its needs and specifications.

3 distinct VALUE-ADDED

Dynaplast provides  ease production processes, save time and hassle free to meet customer requirements.

We Add Value to Packaging

We believe in quality packaging because that’s what builds a brand. The outer packaging is equally important to the product which is packed inside of it. We offer PET Bottles and Jars in various sizes and shapes. Known for its glass like transparency and is 400% lighter than glass, PET has started replacing glass in most of the packaging sectors. Be it Sauces, Liquor, or Special Oils glass has been replaced by PET material because of its transparency and being 100% Food grade as well as Odourless. We have created special bottles from the range of 50ml to 1200ml catering it to national and international market as well.

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